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Kakashi's Sharingan. And yet another competition. This is the make your own Sharingan competition. In the naruto world we see more than one sharingan. Now its your turn to create your own. Lets be creative and show our imagination in this unique competition. In order to compete you must Have a name for your Sharingan, a description, and a list of abilitys your sharingan can allow the user to use. A pitchers of your sharingan is optional you will get bonus points if you can provide one. Following this is the rules and how Your sharingan will be judged. I will create an example page for you all to look at so that you have an idea of what to do.


1 Don't steal another's design
2 It must have a description
3 You may not enter the same Sharingan in multiple competitions
4 You have to have you Sharingan entered at least 3 days
BEFORE the judging date or it will not count.
5 the description has to be no less than 3 sentences and no more than 10.
6 Your Sharingan must have at least 2 abilities each with a description no more than 2 sentences long
7 The pitchers should be of the sharangan ONLY (no bodies, Faces etc..........)
8 You can only enter 1 sharingan PER competition.
9 The last is the most important have FUN

Rubric: ?/125

Name: 50
Abilities: 25 each
Description: 25
Picture: 25 (optional is not part of the 125 points)


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how do i make a sharingan because i got some ideas please got this and text me back when u get this
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